How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for October 29, 2007

Had a good visit with the kitties today. Kravitz was so happy for company and he came out to greet me undaunted by Maggie. I gave him lots of pets and treats for being so good and he was very happy to have lunch. Got your message BTW about coming in the PM. I checked the candle fountain and there was still plenty of water in it - which of course I did last time as well.. Was it empty when you came home? ANYway... after a bit Maggie came out to see what was happening and slowly crept toward her plate for a couple of bites. There wasn't any hissing this time, but she was very shy and only took a couple bites before retreating to the bedroom. Overall though, it was a good visit I think.

2007-10-30 16:05:00 GMT