How's My Kitty?
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MAXINE & DAGMAR, Entry for October 28, 2007

When I arrived tonight Maxine was on the soda in the living room area.  I walked over and allowed her to sniff my hand and tried to scratch her head with no success.  I went right back out with the gate opener and when I returned she was out of sight.  I I put the TV on and went around and did my chores.  When I was done I saw her watching me from the bottom of the office bookcase wall.  I enticed her into playing with the laser pointer, she was very timid at first, and was able eventually to be allowed to give her some scratchies.  She liked it and pushed her back into my hand as I scratched her, but she remained cautiously somewhat aloof.  For her I think that this was a good start. I eventually found Dagmar under the bed.  I could see two little ears when I looked under the bed from the foot of the bed.  Dagmar was hanging out in the middle and almost at the head end of the bed.  Safely out of reach.  I talked to Dagmar for a while and then returned to Maxine.  Hopefully Dagmar will venture out next visit

2007-10-30 15:54:28 GMT