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OPAL & SAPPHIRE, Entry for October 27-28, 2007

Sat, pm- It was good being with the girls again.  Everything is well at home Opal played with the laser pointer for a while and Sapphire munched from her dish on the papers in the living room while I gave her a brushing. She seems to be eating OK, however it is a mix of her food with a sprinkling of Opal's and the mature cat food which makes it more appealing. 

Sun, am - When I came in the kitties assumed their position for morning treats and gobbled them right up. After giving them a little love and attention I fed the fish. Everybody was happy to get breakfast but Mr. Eel did not poke his head out, nor did the Lion Fish seem to notice whenever I dropped a piece of fish in next to him. I kept aiming the food at him but he just kept swimming by while the others saw it and gobbled it up... these fish can be very frustrating..

Sun, pm- Sapphire ate well over the day.  Her living room dish was almost empty.  She was of course sitting on her papers in the living room when I arrived.  Opal was hiding out on the stools at the kitchen Island.  Sapphire ate some food in the living room right after I sat the dish down.  Opal played with the laser some but liked the wand with the red feathers and bell better tonight.  We went for a short ride through the living room and watched some TV and ended with a little brushing

2007-10-30 15:24:35 GMT
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Glad that everything is going o.k. Don't get too frustrated with the fish. Remember that they don't always eat every single day. The Lion Fish is a little slow. Feed them when you get there and then walk away for a little bit and deal with the kitties. Then go back to the fish. Sometimes it just takes a little bit for the lion fish to get going. The eel isn't doing well. Either he's out or he's hiding. Don't worry at this point about him. If he eats, great. It'll be the first time in a about a week or more. We'll worry about it when we get back. Glad that kitties are eating o.k.. Don't be fooled that Sapphire is eating all the food by the paper in the living room. I think Opal gets that while you're not around. I'll check in in about another day or so.
2007-10-31 00:38:42 GMT