How's My Kitty?
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LUNA, Entry for October 27, 2007
Hi! Well, from the way you described Luna's recent troubles I thought I'd arrive to find her looking frail and weak.. but I swear she looks just the same to me and she was quite active, friendly and alert - and none the worse for wear, which I was quite happy to see. She met me right at the door and was thrilled to get plenty of pets and attention right away - then she followed me out to the kitchen to check on her food & water. She had a small about of dry food left - but there was no water at all - at least in the bowl next to the kibble. So I looked all around for a secondary bowl but did not find one.. Let me know if there's another bowl somewhere. In any case I gave her just about 1/8 cup of dry food to get her through the night and filled up her water bowl, which she immediately started drinking from like there was no tomorrow. Perhaps her condition is causing her to drink excessive amounts of water? If I find the bowl empty again tomorrow I'll set down another one for her. Anyway - after that we played a little with her ribbon and balls which she liked alot.
2007-10-28 12:05:28 GMT