How's My Kitty?
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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & JENNY, Entry for October 27, 2007
I keep forgetting to tell you, I think you have the nicest doormen in Chicago.. They're always to friendly and remember who I am.. Anyway, the kitties are all fine - though I have not seen Jenny this time... maybe tomorrow she'll grace us with her presence. Seghisio on the other hand is being an angel - along with the twins. She was sitting on her mat in the hall when I arrived and gave me a couple of her silent meows to greet me and hopefully get a little attention - so I sat down next to her and gave her lots of pets and kitty talk. The twins did not interupt and waited patiently in the diningroom. Seghisio seems to have set down her rules for them:)) So after I got up from Seghisio they were happy little campers and Meatball started to show me how fast he was again - zooming all around the livingroom and down the hall after the balls, toys and laser light. I tossed a few balls Seghisio's way but she only sat there amused and watched the other "fools" run after them. After that I headed upstairs and Meatball raced after me. We refreshed Jenny's food, water litter etc. while he rolled all around on the bed waiting for me to walk by and give him more tummy rubs. He was so cute I'd just grab and give him as many hugs as I could until he wiggled away:)
2007-10-28 11:53:44 GMT