How's My Kitty?
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MERRY & PIPPIN, Entry for October 27, 2007
Pippin was fast improving throughout the day and actually met me at the door this morning. He was still blinking slightly but his eye was wide open - much better than yesterday. They had eaten all the food in the bowl I left in the bedroom and about half of the kitchen bowl. They really seem to prefer to dine in the bedroom for the most part. I put down a little bit of dry food for them to snack on between visits - is that ok? for do you want to avoid that now? Later on in pm, again, Pippin seemed slightly better - especially in the attitude department and he let me easily pick him up and carry him over to the couch where we do the eye drops. He was much less squirmy this time and just resigned himself to his fate... and he wasn't particularly upset with me either afterwards:) Merry is out and about and being quite social which is very rewarding:)
2007-10-28 11:44:20 GMT