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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & JENNY, Entry for October 26, 2007
It was great to see the kids again today! When I came in Seghisio was sitting on the couch and seemed pretty happy to see me. I sat down on the couch opposite her and she got up and tried to jump onto the table to come visit - only the table seemed much tooooo far:) so she hopped onto the floor first, then up to the table. lol. It was pretty funny... So I gave he lots of pets and scratchies for all her efforts.. Meanwhile Pinhead and Meatball were jealously watching our interaction - so eventually I had to pay attention to them too and got out the laser light. They chased that around a bit and then I headed upstairs to tend to Jenny. Meatball was especially cute today because he was running around like mad trying to show me how extraordinarily FAST he was. And he is!! He was zooming everywhere. Jenny was under the bed and decided not to grace us with her presence - but that may change by tomorrow. They'd all eaten about half their food - so filled everybody's bowl... We watched a little Judge Judy together and then I had to be off. So all's well here:)
2007-10-27 16:15:48 GMT