How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for October 24, 2007

NEWS FLASH!!! HE'S OUT!! Well - not to be believed.... when I walked in today - Harry stepped right out of the linen closet and sat there looking up at me as calm as can be. I stopped dead in my tracks and kneeled down in shock - not wanting to spook him in any way. Then the little guy just walks right up to me and starts rubbing up against my arm for some love. I could NOT believe it. So we stayed on the floor and he got as much love as he needed.. until he walked off satisfied and headed for his placemat. I then took my cue and got his tuna out and set it down. He had already eaten the "small" amount I left him yesterday, so it appeared he was ready for more again... WELL.. while he was eating I cleaned his box and swept up - then... Harry turned and headed for the livingroom.. and I'm thinking to myself, "This is Great!!" he's ready for some playtime too! So I got up and walked to the livingroom .. BUT.. Harry was nowhere in sight. So I figured he was behind or under the couch. But NO! Neither place. So I'm scratching my head saying What the heck? to myself and start searching behind and under everything. And I could not find him again to save my soul. Can you believe that??? He just LOVES being the Mystery Man... and has some super-secret spot out there too. GEEZ! This boy really keeps me guessing:)) lol.

2007-10-25 16:10:18 GMT