How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for October 23, 2007

Hi there! Got your email and no problem extending the visits through tomorrow, Thursday. News for the days is that everybody was sleeping in the bedroom when I arrived - Kravitz was under the bed and Maggie was on top, crouched behind the pillows giving me her look... So I tossed her some treats with a happy voice and walked into the kitchen to prepare their meal. Once again - and I keep forgetting to tell you this - the Qtips were laying right next to their dry food bowl. I keep tossing them in the livingroom and "somebody" keeps bringing them all back to the bowl. It's pretty funny. ANYway the kids didn't pay too much attention to me today and never came out - so I headed into the bedroom, gathered up some toys and tossed them around  - alternating with the treats. Both of them basically just watched "me" playing... but it's a start! Glad to have made your day yesterday. lol.

2007-10-24 19:27:09 GMT