How's My Kitty?
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FRITZ, Entry for October 21-22, 2007
October 21, 2007 - Fritz met me at the door once again.  He played his favorite game again, called road block in which he lays down and rolls over in front of my feet every four steps or so.  He is such a cute little guy.  I picked him up again and we walked through the house checking the state of his food and water.  He still had plenty of both, so we settled in on the living room rug for some play before my chores.  I got out my trusty cat dancer and laser pointer and Fritz had a great time tearing from one end of the living room to the other, jumping up on the day bed and over to the other side of the TV and around and around on the rug.  Our play was punctuated with rest periods where Fritz would get his hugs and scratchies and I would get all of my fingers washed with his tongue.  He followed me around and supervised my chores and we settled in for some more play, scratchies and licks before I had to go.

October 22, 2007 - I had another great visit with Fritz today.  We have settled into a routine of play before my chores.  Fritz really looks forward to the laser pointer.  I am very careful not to shine it in his eyes.  In fact, I will not shine the laser into the kitchen because of the reflective nature of the floor.  I don't want to take any chances with surfaces that reflect light.  You can find these lasers at Petco and PetSmart.  Sometimes you can also find them in Walgreens in the pet food section.  I left the Cat Dancer for you on the living room speaker that has the greeting card on top.  I figured that Fritz would not find it up there.  Just unwrap the wire to straiten it out and hold it by the end with just one cardboard tip and shake it in the air above Fritz or shake and drag it on the floor.  It simulates a moth fluttering in the air and on the floor.  I use it in-between our laser play.  Fritz gets so intense when he is hunting that little red dot, that when I stop he continues to look for it and play with the cat dancer takes his mind off of the laser.  I hope that you both have fun.  I had a great time visiting with Fritz.
2007-10-23 18:06:59 GMT