How's My Kitty?
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PEEKABOO & BAILEY, Entry for October 22, 2007
Not sure you have an internet connection but just a note to let you know the kitties are doing very well. Yesterday they were just the cutest - when I came in there they were sitting side by side on the couch looking up at me. Just darling... Peekaboo has been much less timid than expected. She gets a little jealous when I'm brushing Bailey and SO wants some of that herself. She'll come out and sit a few feet away - wishing she had the courage... but just can't bring herself to walk over. I try to move slowly around the apartment so she doesn't get spooked. Both kitties are eating very well - in fact, I've filled up a 2nd bowl for them because each day their one bowl is nearly gone... Just don't want them to feel deprived between visits:)
2007-10-23 17:58:35 GMT