How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for October 22, 2007
Hi there! Well here's the news. When I came in - Maggie was in a predatory stance with her eye's glued on me for an impending strike. HowEVER... I clapped my hands once and firmly said: "I don't think so Missy". She didn't seemed much fazed at first, and stood there staring at me - but then thought better of it and walked back into the bedroom. After that everything went nice and smoothly. I prepared their meal and Kravitz came out when he hear the activity, rubbing up against my legs and getting pets, attention and treats in return. Soon - Maggie couldn't stand being left out anymore and crept out to see what was happening. She had lost her aggressive look and seemed as if she wanted some attention too - and food! So, I slid her plate over to her in a show of friendship and she contentedly started to eat - not 2 feet away from me.. while Kravitz enjoyed a few more pets. He wasn't really interested in his food - even though I put it under his nose. Well.. then I moved slowly over and cleaned the litter boxes - and am happy to say, Maggie remained quite calm and just ate her food without any further show of timidity or agressiveness. And I gave her lots of treats as a reward which she happily gobbled up right next to me. I think I've established myself as the Alpha Cat :))
2007-10-23 17:52:22 GMT