How's My Kitty?
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FRITZ, Entry for October 20, 2007
Hi there! Just reminded Steve we need blogs so here it is for the 20th and he says he'll have yesterday to me after his morning rounds! We've had plenty of chats about little Fritz, so I know they're doing well together:)

"Fritz met me in the front hall and immediately laid down in front of my feet.  I knelt down and gave him some scratchies.  I moved into the living room and sat my bag down with Fritz in tow attempting to plop down in front of my path at every other step.  After discarding my bag we rolled around on the living room rug together for some snuggles and scratchies.  Fritz is such a sweet cat and his fur is so silky that I just want to carry him around and give him hugs. In fact it was easier and safer to do just that as I checked out his food and litter so that I wouldn't be stepping over him every other step. I topped off his food and refreshed his water dish, scooped his litter and returned with him to the living room rug.  We had a great play session.  I brought a laser pointer and a toy called a cat dancer, both of which he went crazy over.  He chased the little red dot from the laser all over the room and followed it across the ceiling and ran to the other wall as it came slowly down to the floor.  He swatted at the cat dancer which simulates a little bug in flight and chased that around vigorously trying to catch it on the rug. Our play time was punctuated with hugs and scratchies.  I am really looking forward to our next visit tomorrow.
2007-10-22 14:28:35 GMT