How's My Kitty?
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JAIKIE & BENTLEY, Entry for October 20-21, 2007

News from Gram is that they played all over the house yesterday. Bentley likes to catch his mouse more than the balls. Jaikie watches for the most part and then they chase each other around quite a bit. Bentley takes his naps with her while she's watching Animal Planet. She says she gives them about an hour and a half of playtime in the morning and again at night. She also says Bentley lets her know when he wants to play by bringing her his mouse in the kitchen. Each also got a small amount of catnip on a plate in the afternoon which they ate up quite happily but didn't seem much affected by it... Both tend to "graze" their food off and on, but eventually finish it all up. Jaikie overall has made great strides and enjoys petting and cuddling up in bed as well.  I'll probably be picking Gram up around 7pm tonight after the kitties have had dinner. cheers!

2007-10-21 17:03:34 GMT