How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for October 21, 2007

Was up early this morning doing kitty rounds, Harry included so here's the early news!  Harry was on the bottom shelf on top of your backpack etc. this time instead of buried underneath. So, I got the treats and tuna and started setting little bits down for him, so he would understand I'm his pal again. He was really a nut though because he'd eat them, but he was "grumbling" at the same time -- kind of a low kitty grumble-growl. It was kind of funny - as if he was just disgusted with himself for not exercising more self-restraint. Then I waved one of his feather wands around in front of him and prodded him a bit - but he could care less. He just watched it wave around and didn't budge.  Next time I catch him out of that linen closet I'm going to shut the doors. At least when he was hiding behind the couch before, he'd still play with his wands.

2007-10-21 16:55:20 GMT