How's My Kitty?
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MR. MAX BROWN, Entry for October 20-21, 2007

Hi there! Just got the report from Katie for yesterday that all went well with Maxie. I had to turn the little tyke over to her because the fuel pump went out on my car... again... very frustrating. Anyway.... They gave me a rental car so I've already been out doing the rounds this morning, Max included. According to Katie, Max had plenty of dry food left when she arrived and was meowing like mad. She thought he wanted his dish of wet food, but it turned out to be the laser light. ha! I had the same experience this morning. He took two bites of his wet food ( on the counter ) then hopped off and demanded play time. I swear he chased that light for a good 40 minutes and I STILL didn't wear him out:)) So all's fine here!

2007-10-21 16:42:47 GMT