How's My Kitty?
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BETTY & LOUIE, Entry for October 17-18, 2007
Hi guys! Well things are just great here. Wednesday was pretty uneventfull - as the kitties hid under the bed upstairs the entire time. I laid down and chatted wth them a bit, trying to tell them it would be alot more fun downstairs, but they weren't interested.. Betty sat and just looked at me, and Betty hiss from inside the box-springs. So I just went about my business of preparing their meals and refreshing the litter. Thursday on the other hand, we did make some positive strides. While I was downstairs fixing their plates I suddenly turned to see Betty standing by the bottom of the stairs!! This was pretty brave of her - so I figured she must be hungry:) So, I got down on the floor, set out the plates of food and started tossing her treats. She'd sniff them, but not eat them. Then I took one of the food plates and very slowly crawled over, set it down between us, then moved back into the kitchen. After a little sweet talk and encouragement, she stepped slowly forward, got to about a food away from the plate, then moved back. Shoot! So then I slowly moved toward the plate, pushed it closer to her then move back again. That finally did the trick and she started eating happily - now and again munching on a treat nearby. In the meantime, here come Louie!! What a beauty he is! And he was so cute.. he waited until Betty walked away ( having eaten about half her plate ) then walked up and finished it off. When he was done, I slid the second plate toward him, which he appreciated and took a few bites of that. Then they both retreated under the table to keep an eye on me. All this took quite a bit of time to do, so I bid them goodbye and promised to be back tomorrow! It was quite a satisfying visit to be sure:))
2007-10-19 14:07:50 GMT