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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for October 18, 2007
Hi there! We'll here's the scoop:)) Everybody was having their afternoon siesta when I arrived and headed to the kitchen. But soon, after hearing the noise of the meal being prepared, Maggie came out and stood eyeing me intently from under the chair next to the kitchen. I crouched down and put out my finger for her to sniff and she walked over to me... sniffed a bit... then decided to swat and bite me --- as I was prepared for of course -- so I snatch my hand away, clapped my hands loudly and told her the "We'll have none of that my dear". She wasn't terribly shocked by it - but still gave me a little hiss and headed back under her chair to watch what I'd do next. So I got out the treats and started tossing them to her. She wouldn't eat them at first, but eventually broke down and inched out from the chair to get a couple. Meanwhile, Kravitz came out to see what was going on and peered around the corner at me. He was pretty shy - and when I moved to give Maggie her meal and set his on the counter he scurried back into the bedroom. Maggie sat and ate her food while I went to clean the litter box - which was still clean - so not much to do there. She did not make any further agressive moves toward me after that - and simply headed into the bedroom after eating. After that I sat on the couch, deciding not to be too pushy my first visit, and watched a bit of TV, hoping someone might be curious and come out. But... they didn't. Still - I think it was a fairly good first visit considering Maggie charged your neighbor.... From experience though - it's possible she could be more confident tomorrow - soooo we'll see what happens! :))
2007-10-19 13:54:19 GMT