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JAIKIE & BENTLEY, Entry for October 18, 2007
Good morning! All went quite well today and according to plan. Gram & I arrived about 1pm after a fairly traffic-free drive. No problems getting into your darling fairly-tale home:)) and  Bentley came right out to greet us. I spent a good hour with her going over all the particulars, locating the food and water bowls, litter, food, location of alarm pads in case of power outage and so forth while Bentley followed us all around just as comfortable as can be. He liked all the ooh's and ahh's of how cute and fluffy he was and got lots of pets for being so sweet. We found Jaikie ensconced under your bed and didn't pester her too much - deciding she'll come out when she's ready. It did get a little warm in the afternoon, so I turned off the heat and showed Gram how to adjust it back to "off" or "heat" later on. As we brought in her bags we also discovered that Bentley would LOVE to just run outside, so we went over how not to let that happen - tho of course we have your instructions on how to get him back. Grama assured me tho, that Bentley won't be getting out anytime soon:))

In the evening, I spoke to Gram by phone and she was happy to report that Jaikie came down to eat for dinner - checked her out a little bit, then headed back up to her safe zone. As for Bentley, she says she picked him up and he sat happily in her lap and they watched Animal Planet together. She was quite pleased with herself that he let her pick him up - after reading that neither was particularly fond of that:)) Well... give Gram or I a call anytime, and I'll be back to post Friday's news later on this evening!
2007-10-19 13:38:36 GMT