How's My Kitty?
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MERRY & PIPPIN, Entry for October 11, 2007
Well let's see... Pippin was right at the door to meet me and Merry stood at the entry to the bedroom watching us head for the kitchen. I found the treats of course and gave each of them some Tuna Flakes and Liver Snacks right away. Merry was less excited about them than Pippin who ate them all right up. Merry did however go and sit by the water bowl in the kitchen waiting for her bowl of wet food. It was very cute. There was still a bit left in each of their bowls so I don't think they were starving. So after a bit we got out the box of toys and headed to the diningroom for some toy toss. I left the box out for them to see what they'd pull out overnight. It was great to see my little friends again!
2007-10-12 12:13:52 GMT