How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for October 8-9, 2007
Oct. 9 - Baxter and I had another great visit today. I won't do another step by step tonight, but suffice it to say we did it all. Baxter is such a smart kitty. It is always a challenge to stay ahead of Baxter in the bathroom. He loves to be included in every move that I make. He rolled around on the bathroom floor today so that I would have to brush him off. He always rolls in the direction that I am sweeping in hopes to get he most litter in his fur to make it worthwhile and heads strait for the pile of swepped litter while I'm constantly moving it out of his way. At some point today he had dropped one of his hair bands into his water bowl across from the kitchen sink. He wanted me to know what he had done and went over to the bowl several times looking first at the bowl and then at me waiting for acknowledgment. So I gave him a big congratulation and plenty of rewarding pets. Even though we have a set routine that either he or I walk ourselves through daily, Baxter is very sensitive to any nuances and will think up his own variations to keep me on my toes.
Oct. 8 - Baxter was happy to see me again today and initially talked and talked. We went through our regular rituals in their proper order. Baxter has come to anticipate and race me from place to place. First thing he lead me to his hands on snuggling and nose to belly place, the kitchen island. I try to anticipate and did carry him over to his blue bowls for his taste test of the wet food offering. I snatched him off the counter, set the food down by his dry food and we were off to the bathroom. I always have to watch because he is constantly under foot racing me to the bathroom. As usual he engaged himself in every activity there. As I scooped, he head butted me and purred into my ear from above. As I swept he became a road block until it occurred to him to make a deposit, which to his frustration I scooped up before he could bury. He ran out to the living room to await playtime. I gathered our munchies and the brushes and toys and joined him in the living room. When it was time for me to go, I laid down next to him for a few minutes, set out a little group of treats on the rug by his tent told him that I loved him and said good bye. Baxter went into his tent and stuck his head and front paws out the front and watched me go.
2007-10-10 13:47:12 GMT