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TABITHA, Entry for October 8-9, 2007
Hi there! Nothing to worry about here. Tabitha is doing very well and is becoming more playful by the day. We've settled into a kind of routine. She meets me at the door, then I pick her up and we snuggle on the couch for a couple "I Love Lucy's" or part of a movie. I'll tell you that girl is a veritable purring machine! Then when she's satisfied she'll suddenly hop off my lap and run over to her bowl. Then I give her breakfast or dinner and go off to take care of the litter box etc. while she's eating. Yesterday I had a real breakthrough to get her to exercise a bit. I got out the treats and started tossing them around the livingroom. Well... she thought it was really fun to chase them, but not so good to eat them - I thought perhaps she'd eat them during the night at least... but when I arrived this morning, all the treats were still all over the livingroom. So I picked them all up and we started the chase game again:) After I get her going with the treats, she'll start running around after her mice as well. She doesn't seem to drink much water, compared to some cats - but everyday her bowl is down just a tad. She didn't touch the water glass on the table yesterday though. Otherwise she's eating well, litterbox is normal and attitude remains very good! She's just an angel and a love.
2007-10-10 13:27:18 GMT
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Yeah, she's not much of a water drinker. Sometimes I try to mix some water in her food so she can get a little more. She hasn't been into her treats much lately, which is probably a good thing :)

Thanks for taking such good care of her!
2007-10-10 20:48:16 GMT