How's My Kitty?
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MONET & SWEETMEAT, Entry for October 7, 2007
Thanks so much for all the lunch goodies! Very sweet of you. Monet and I dined together today:) She was a bit hissy at first though, which she does at first sometimes and as alway, VERY insistant about her food. It's always a relief once I finally finish washing her dish and serve it up. Once fed, she was much quieter and followed me around feeding Sweetmeat and filling her bowl in the bath. I'm so happy about the new security gate, but couldn't quite figure out where the "exit" pad was right away, so needed to ask your neighbor downstairs. He was very nice - but the code was working until I told him to press the "pound" key. Thank goodness it eventually opened. I hope there's a way to manually open it if it ever doesn't respond to either approach! Cheers!
2007-10-08 15:50:43 GMT