How's My Kitty?
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ISKANDER, WINNIE, NAZIH & HENRI, Entry for October 7, 2007
Hi mom! WELL that Henri is an absolute angel! I just love his sweet personality which seems unfazed by any of the others little "quirks":) I'm sorry but I didn't realize he'd be there - I thought you were going to pick him up over this trip. Whoops! Anyway - very good to meet him to be sure. All their food was gone in the large bowl by the way when I got there, so I filled it up over half so they wouldn't run out again. Either you left a couple days ago or Henri eats like a HORSE! lol. Anyway, the dynamic in the house was very pleasant with him around. I split their food into (4) bowls and set them out. There were no disputes. I found the clean bowl in the cupboard with their toys. One suggestion that might make life easier for you - Put paper bowls in the metal ones. The bowls are particularly hard to clean for some reason without soaking them for a long time - so if you insert paper bowls all you'll need to do is toss them. Anyway - everybody gathered around me, particularly Henri who wanted lots of pets and snuggles and I gave Nazih his favorite white mouse which he started flipping around and having plenty of fun with:) Iskander took his pill no problem.. I don't even need to trick him with extra pill pockets:)
2007-10-08 15:35:14 GMT