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Buttercup and Lulu (am and pm visits)Entry for October 6, 2007
I had a great visit with Buttercup and Lulu this morning. Buttercup was full of meows, and Lulu was napping away in the bedroom. I made sure to feed them right away, which Buttercup went right for. I have noticed the Lulu still had some dry food left in her dish, so I'm suspecting that she might be eating some of Buttercup's as well. For the evening visit, both kitties were in the living room and ready for attention! I tried to convince them to play with the wands, but they didn't seem very interested. While I was petting Lulu, I found Buttercup cuddling away with another toy. How adorable! I hope all is well for you!
2007-10-07 17:03:10 GMT
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Thank you for the news on the girls!

Ilanit and Joshua
2007-10-08 03:29:19 GMT