How's My Kitty?
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FRITZ, Entry for October 5, 2007
Hi mom! Fritzie's doing fine. Always impedes my path coming and going of course at the front door by laying down and stretching out as far as he can for mandatory tummy rubs. He's under my feet every second and I dare not wear shoes. Eating/drinking just fine and will run and flip around after anything I find to throw. Problem is, it doesn't occur to him to bring the toys back - so I'm getting plenty of exercise too. Found the roll of pink socks today and he was tossing those around on the bed excitedly. Then we sat down on the couch for a bit of TV and as many tummy rubs as I could give him. He was a bit too squirmy to be my fur coat today but I think he'll eventually do it if you practice with him. My cat will ride around on my neck for days:))
2007-10-07 00:53:58 GMT