How's My Kitty?
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CHARLIE & DANTE, Entry for October 5-6, 2007
Well - one good thing about you being gone right now is that "I" get to play the heavy with the medicine. Bad for me.. good for you:)). Everyday I'm hoping we'll finish off this vile, but no... there's still just a bit more left.. sigh. We always have a good time at first though. Yesterday and today as usual Dante has greeted me at the door and Charlie has taken to sitting in her carrier - so I bring her meal to her on a paper towel, which she appreciates and Dante eats in the kitchen. NOT for long though.. he does always try and sneak up on Charlie's food. I shoo him away, but sometimes Charlie gets discouraged with all the commotion and Dante's continued efforts to rob her meal, that she'll just walk off. A couple things I keep forgetting to tell you.. 1) the small fan aimed at the bedroom is no longer working, but it's still pretty comfortable in the apt. and 2) Dante has taken to licking the white curtains....I can't imagine what he finds so delicious about them:))
2007-10-07 00:47:59 GMT