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BAXTER, Entry for October 4, 2007
Thurs - Well, this is my last visit for now with my friend Baxter for this group of visits. I will really miss the little boy. We did all of our usual things with extra snuggles at each stage of our visit. Baxter was great as usual, blocking my progress with his cute little antics at every turn and getting rewarded with extra scratchies and hugs. We cleaned and played and munched. We watched some TV and rolled on the floor and when it was all over Baxter was prepared to lounge in his tent and watch as I left once again. Since I couldn't tell him that I would see him tomorrow. I placed some of his favorite treats in the plate by his water bowl in the kitchen and called him to investigate. While he was munching, I slipped out of the front door so that he couldn't see my sad little face on departure.
Wednesday- Baxter is doing well. We had another great visit together. We did all of our usual things. We had lots of snuggling on the island until Baxter decided that it was time for his wet food offering and jumped down and up to the blue dishes and sat down in front of them facing me. I usually try to anticipate his next move so that I can pick him up and place him on the counter. I like to save him from jumping up and down because of his hind leg condition, but sometimes he stays one jump ahead of me. He licked some of the gravy off of the lid and buried his head in the blue bowl for a minute. I picked Baxter up and sat the bowl down on the towel and we were off to the bathroom. Today Baxter tried his kitty road block out on me by lounging or should I say sprawling across the bathroom impeding any progress until a toll of snuggles was paid. He made his deposit and helped me sweep and munched on some dry food in the bathroom. He has been eating from the bathroom bowl and seems to be OK with the new dry food there. I expected the kitchen bowl to be more empty since the dry food locations were switched, but they are about equal. We had our typical munch, brush and play session in the living room followed by some rug time together for more snuggling and we were both satisfied when I left. Baxter was lounging in his tent watching me as I said good bye and closed the doo
2007-10-05 16:39:09 GMT