How's My Kitty?
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CHARLIE & DANTE, Entry for October 3-4, 2007
Hi mom! Well let's see... not too much new to report the past couple of days except Charlie is really wise to me now. She'll come out and eat ( I put her food away from Dante on a little paper towel in the livingroom) then she'll head to the bedroom to hide out, knowing what I'll be up to next - mostly into her little cubby in the closet. She's not buying the "treat trail" anymore so I have to pull her out. She's so sweet, because she growls and complains but never tries to scratch or bite me - and she'll open her little mouth with some encouragement and swallow it all down and put up with the darn eardrops too. I "think" her ear might be a bit better, as it should be by now, because I don't detect the same odor - at least as not as much as before. Dante has taken to being a bit of a cheerleader on the bed while I'm doing the administering. When Charlie meows, he meows too:)) It's very cute. When I'm done, he then rolls over on his back for tummy rubs. Charlie's been drinking nearly all of both bowls on the table and will watch Dante run around after his toys before she decides to hide. Both enjoy a little brushing too.
2007-10-05 16:30:27 GMT