How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for October 2, 2007
Today was just snuggle day as they both seemed to be missing that on a more frequent basis. After both got their pets and scratchies I sat down on the couch and they both jumped up for attention. After a bit though, Odin decided my lap was his - which sent Luke off to the side - and then inside the tubes. And I sat with Odin in my lap for the longest time until he was satisfied and decided it was time to eat. They seemed rather bored with yesterday's usual fare, so today I gave them Fancy Feast. They chowed down right away and I think they liked the variety. Oh yes, one thing I forgot yesterday. One of your neighbors, Laurie, coincidentally - left a note under the door that she picked up a couple packages of yours and will drop them by when she gets back from Mexico. I think someone had dropped them off in front of your door for some reason before I got there rather than leave them up front. So I guess she thought that was the safest thing to do. Well - have a safe flight back tomorrow!!!!
2007-10-03 17:59:31 GMT