How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for October 2, 2007
Baxter met me at the door today and talked all the way to the kitchen island.  He was missing his Mom and back to his usual intense self.  He folded into the counter for his scratchies then got up took a step and folded into the counter once again for more.  After a while of doing this Baxter got up and led me to his blue bowls and his taste test and some more scratchies and snuggles.  I headed for the bathroom next with Baxter in tow.  Today he gave me a mohawk from the counter while I scooped his litter.  After a bit of styling he jumped down to inspected the litter pan. Finding nothing, he left his contribution, which I quickly scooped up before he had a chance to show me his vigorous covering up techniques.  He ran off in a huff to the living room for a minute, but appeared back at the door while I was sweeping the floor.  He rushed in and laid down and stretched out over the area that I was trying to sweep.  I swept the area in back of him and rolled him over on his other side and in the guise of some scratchies brushed of the debris occasionally lifting up a leg in order to get the job done.  Baxter raced to the living room to wait for me and I gathered up his treets, brush, toys and the blue pail for some play brushing and munching.  He relocated and collapsed his tent numerous times, ate numerous treats during our breaks and accepted some brushing.  Baxter is so much fun and so appreciative of the attention that he gets.  He has such a curiosity and zest for investigating every aspect of what I may do in his little world.  Each visit is a joy.
2007-10-03 17:51:56 GMT