How's My Kitty?
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ALEXANDER & SWEETNESS, Entry for Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2007
Good talking to you yesterday. I'm glad Sweetness' cloudy eye didn't just happen! The kitties are doing really well and are SO good about taking their pills. But unfortunately as I mentioned on the phone I have been unable to get Sweetness to poop in the box and she continues to leave her presents in either the bathroom or by the hall closet on a daily basis. So I put the liners back in and opened the bathroom door again- as I'd rather clean the bathroom floor than the white carpet. Ah! Anyway - after they eat and/or take their pills we have a little playtime. Alex likes to chase the rubber insects across the room and Sweetness likes to watch. I did try to clean them off with the baby wipes, but they'd have none of that and both wiggled away from me. They do like lots of pets and scratchies though..
2007-10-02 15:21:40 GMT