How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2007
Hi there! The boys continue to do well and are more affectionate as the days go by. I'm usually finding them in the livingroom - with Odin on the big chair and Luke in the kitty tubes:) I have to kneel down and give them pets right away and they're just as sweet as can be. Then they hang around while their meal is being prepared - which they seem to look forward to. They don't finish all of it though by the following day - maybe about 3/4 each. While they're eating I usually will go check on the Litter Robot and cycle and scrape it out a couple of times. It's been working like a champ but I'm not fond of how dirty it gets with the clay litter. I'm wondering if the crystal type litter might be better to try when you get back, which might be a little more sanitary. I'd like to just wash the whole thing out, but I don't want to upset the apple cart here with it's current good performance. So I'll leave that up to you. So after that I'll go down and give them a little brush, snuggles and play with the wand for a bit. Tomorrow I will probably spend a bit more time with them as they seemed particularly affectionate and maybe a bit lonely today. But overall, they're well and in good spirits. Oh yes - I've been putting some ice-cubes in their water bowl to make it a bit colder. Water in the tap takes forever to get cold. Cheers!
2007-10-02 15:10:18 GMT