How's My Kitty?
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CHARLIE & DANTE, Entry for Sept. 30- Oct. 1, 2007
Hi mom! Well the kitties continue to do well. Dante is right at the door when I arrive hoping to make an escape - but my bag always deters him nicely:) and Charlie is usually right behind him to say hello. Fortunately she's forgotten about the previous medicine experience. Then I sit down and give them some pets and attention. Once they're satisfied I prepared their lunch and usually Charlie goes over by the couch to wait for her dish while Dante goes to the placemat. She'll take a couple bites and then usually go sit by the window in the bedroom - until I bring out the toys. While they're eating I take care of the litter and refresh Charlie's little bowl. She's been drinking All of the water, so I put down another small bowl for her next to it. Well - yesterday she'd drunk all of her regular bowl and most of the 2nd one. So - she's definitely getting enough water. There was a little food vomiting by their bowls on Sunday and I'm assuming that was Dante again. I think he might have over-eaten by getting into Charlie's food as well.. so I'm keeping an eye on him while I'm there so he doesn't eat too fast and I'm keeping strict portions on the food. I did give them a little extra to tide them over between visits - but I think that just encouraged him to eat extra. So no more of that. Anyway we played Chase the Mice and Toys yesterday which both like and then it was time for medicine. Charlie figured it out and went and hid under the desk. But I got her out an inch at a time by lining up treats. lol. She knew what I was up to but she just couldn't resist. I'm having very good success with her and she's taking all the antibiotics without spitting it out - even tho she growls at me the whole time. And she's pretty good about not going crazy when I put in her ear drops. So hopefully the infection should be subsiding a little by now.
2007-10-02 14:52:22 GMT