How's My Kitty?
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ALEXANDER & SWEETNESS, Entry for September 29, 2007
AM-Both kitties are doing just fine. In the morning I did find another "accident" by the box in the bathroom though. SO - I decided to try a new tactic today. I removed the liners ( which behaviorists advise) and I've closed the bathroom door. I know several people who had problems with kitties pooping in the bath ( especially the tub) and simply closing the door has worked.. so we'll see. Meanwhile, both kitties ate up their breakfast quickly and Sweetness especially sat and drank from the little stream of water in the fountain for the longest time until Alex joined her. Both got plenty of pets and attention afterward and I brought out the little toys I found in the bedroom and tossed them around.
PM- Well - when I came in today - there were NO accidents anywhere for the first time. That isn't to say the problem is resolved by any means... and there wasn't much to speak of in either box as well. So tomorrow morning I'll probably find suprises.. The kitties had their dinner and let me give them pets and snuggles. They are just the sweetest things. I scrunched up the towels and made little tunnels for them to crawl into and keep warm.
2007-09-30 16:39:51 GMT