How's My Kitty?
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NELLIE & P-KITTY, Entry for September 29, 2007
First of all thanks for the TIP! Not necessary but it's very much appreciated. As for the kitties - we had a great time and they were both just a sweet, sociable and friendly as can be. Both met me at the door and were ready for lunch as they'd finished up about all that you had left and BOY are they messy! So I decided to tidy up and make their dining area a little nicer for them before serving. I'll tell you it was no simple matter though with Nellie trying to suck on my hair the whole time and P-Kitty plopping down in the middle of anything I tried to sweep up!! Sheesh! BUT - somehow I managed and they both dug into their wet food for a bit until they were satisfied. I wanted to use (2) of the bowls for the wet food and (1) for the dry which left me a little short for water dishes - so I found a large bowl in the cupboard and filled that up and set it next to the tree. Just wanted to make sure they had plenty of water until you got back. I make these little "ponds" at my house for the cats and they really like it. P-Kitty was pretty happy after lunch and would frequently run as fast as she could from the hall to the front windows. I made a little play area for them in the livingroom and tossed some mice into the box which they promptly jumped in to retieve and carry out. So that was fun for them. We also played with the cat dancer which they both enjoyed. All in all it was a very good visit! FYI, the doorman was very quick to let me in - and on my way out I told them to go up and double-lock the door as you requested. Cheers!
2007-09-30 16:11:41 GMT