How's My Kitty?
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ISKANDER, WINNIE & NAZIH, Entry for September 29, 2007
Well - these three are all such characters! I feel like a riot could break out any moment if one gets more attention than the others. The chain of command is clearly Iskander as the alpha cat, Winnie is number two and poor Nazih at the bottom who's pretty much told to stay under her chair and don't try to play with "OUR" toys. They do let her come out and eat thank goodness - but today, I had Iskander eat separately in the livingroom area while Winnie and Nazih chowed down in the kitchen. All was peaceful for a bit ... until play time when I got out the wand. Iskander grabbed hold of it right away, but Winnie wanted to play too and that created a little in-fighting. So... I got out the catnip and rubbed it on the one little kitty pillow and gave it to Iskander which he like - and rolled all around happily. Nazih meanwhile saw everybody was having fun and came up to me and wanted some of the catnip stuff too - but Isakander ordered her back under the chair. Sheesh! SO... I looked all around for something I could make a toy out of for Nazih and eventually decided to turn your little change purse into a makeshift kitty pillow for Nazih - hope you dont mind:) Then I put it under the chair for her and she just LOVED it. Iskander was stunned that Nazih was having so much fun and walked over and peered under the chair. Meanwhile, Winnie went over and grabbed Iskander's pillow and sat on it so he couldn't get it! THAT was hilarious - and made me think that these three definitely need more toys - maybe toys they can call their own... so maybe I'll pick up a pack of mice on my way over tomorrow:) Well - more on the unfolding drama tomorrow!!
2007-09-30 16:00:07 GMT