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CHARLIE & DANTE, Entry for September 29, 2007
Good morning! Well, let's see.. Today Dante was right at the door again to greet me - and possibly try to make a dash into the hall. But my briefcase at eye level discouraged that right away and he backed up and let me in:) Charlie was sitting in on the bed and didn't come out until she heard the day's meal being prepared. I've taken to feeding them separately to encourage Charlie to eat - and keep Dante from "tasting" her portion. And both took a few bites right away. Unfortunately, in the middle of munching his meal, Dante vomiting what looked like a hairball up in his plate. Yuk! Poor guy - no worries though, I tossed that out and opened a new can - but decided to wait a bit to put it down so his little stomach would settle. Charlie had finished all her water in the little cup, so I filled that up too and thought perhaps I should put another small dish down for her. After eating a little, Charlie retreated into the bedroom on her towel by the window. And when she was nicely settled in, the big meanie came in and gave her her medicine and ear drops. She was growling at me and complaining - knowing what was going to happen - but undaunted I opened her mouth and squirted in the antibiotics, which she didn't try to spit out this time. So that was good. Then in went the ear drops and I massaged her ear to help it down the canal. after that - she was disgusted with me of course and headed for the closet. So - I brought her some treats and found another small water dish and set it down next to her which she sniffed at with interest and took a sip. Dante meanwhile, sat on the bed looking quite pleased with himself and very interested in what was going on. I gave him lots of pets and snuggles for being so good, tidied up their litter box ( with his supervision ) and that was that! So far so good mom!
2007-09-30 15:45:41 GMT