How's My Kitty?
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ISKANDER, WINNIE & NAZIH, Entry for September 28, 2007
Well I'm sure glad I could get into the parking garage today because the streets were full for some reason. Took me awhile to figure out that the card key will only let the "D" elevator go up - but finally I arrived and I think we had an exceptionally successful visit. When I first arrived everybody was hiding. But then Nazih came out and meowed like "Who are you?" I knelt down and have her some pets and then went looking for the other two. I found Winnie in the cupboard under the sink and she eventually came out - but wasn't too happy with me at first, with her little tail snapping back and forth. I found her weak spot though - treats! - and that calmed her down a bit. Iskander eventually showed up from under the chair and I gave him his Prozak in the pill pocket. I had to give Winnie some treats at the same time or it seems like she would have stolen it away from him. I noticed the kitties were a little testy with each other though - Isakander and Nazih got into a little face off by the chair and Winnie would growl at them too. so...... having just finished some reading on how cat's fight when they don't have separate territories and what to do when this happens, I went around and made little spaces for them. It wasn't easy since there isn't much to work with yet, but I positioned a few boxes here and there in such a way to make small hiding places and I made a maze out of the metal structure you had in the hall. Well - Iskander thought it was all very cool and checked out each new space one by one. he really got it. So - we'll see if that made a little more pease at home tomorrow! Cheers!
2007-09-29 15:08:55 GMT