How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for September 27-28, 2007
Hi guys! Well I had a real breakthrough with Odin the past couple of days. He finally came out from under the bed again. Yea! thursday he just sat and watched me from the bedroom but yesterday he was sitting on the livingroom chair when I arrived and I when I walked over to pet him he didn't budge. When I went to prepare their food and tidy up a bit though he hopped down and went under the diningroom table and watched. Well - when all was in order I sat down and started to brush Luke, just a few feet away from Odin. Well Luke was having such a great time, purring and rolling around that Odin, little by little, inch by inch started to move toward me. He just couldn't stand it any longer:) And in the end, his sweet self was rolling around and purring like mad too. So it was a very rewarding day :))
2007-09-29 14:51:46 GMT