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CHARLIE & DANTE, Entry for September 27-28, 2007
Hi mom! Sorry for the delay. The kitties are doing just fine so far and I'm spending a little extra time with them just to keep a close eye on Charlie. She was shaking her head actually a little bit on the first day - not much, but I could tell it was bothering her a bit. I didn't want to jump right into giving her medicine right when i walked in the door - I didn't want her to hate me right off the bat, so I gave them their food, we played a little bit and then I quietly sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. After awhile Charlie came up and drank out of her little bowl - well... she seems to kind of scoop the water out and fling it onto the table actually:) It's cute the way she cuddles up to it. I did try to put a towel under it, but she kept coming back for more, and the towel was getting scrunched up - so I nixed that idea. Anyway - she's drinking well so that's good. But.... after awhile, it was time for that darn medicine after I'd made her my pal. She'd did take it well, but was none too pleased with me afterward and went in and sulked in the closet. I felt bad - but made sure to go in and give her lots of treat to make her forget about it - and she ate them all up. Yesterday, she was a bit wary of me when I carried the syringe her way and complained in advance, but we got the job done and she got lots of treats afterward. I tried to give some to Dante too - but as you mentioned he's not interested. He loves his lunch though and is just as sociable as can be. I got all the toys out of the basket and he was rolling around like he was in heaven. Well - more soon and don't worry!
2007-09-29 14:44:00 GMT
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thanks for the great update. no worries about her lapping water onto the table. i have also tried to put a paper towel under the bowl, but it just ends up on the floor let it be. she is cute with her little ritual, isn´t she? Glad to hear she is being good - she is a cuddler so despite the emds, she will let you love her. and dante is a lover boy, too.....
2007-09-29 19:25:11 GMT