How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for September 26, 2007
Baxter was at the door when I arrived today. I had trouble parking and was a few minutes later than usual. Baxter registered his complaints and when finished, he laid down on the floor and rolled over. I knelt down and gave him some scratchies as a consolation. He raced me to the kitchen island for some more. After more snuggles he was ready for his taste test. I lifted him and placed him on the counter by the sink. Today's menu was a half can of beef. I complained to Baxter that it was difficult to serve up his food with his little face buried prematurely in the bowl. After his taste test and took a few licks of the spoon we were off to scoop the litter. He stopped for a little snack of dry food from his bowl then jumped into the litter pan before I had a chance to scoop as is his daily custom. Then I gathered some of the many hair ties on the bathroom floor and tossed them in the direction of the hall in an unsuccessful attempt to divert Baxter from his need to assist me in sweeping the floor etc.. So, I got up and Baxter ran off to the living room in anticipation of play time. This gave me an opportunity to replenish the dry food in his bathroom bowl without his help, which usually consists of pushing the container with his head causing some of the dry food to miss the bowl as I try to fill it. Then, I gathered several packets of treats, the brushes, the blue candy pail, the laser pointer and cat dancer and headed over to the living room rug. By that time Baxter was in his little tent with his cute little face sticking out & watching in anticipation of my next move. We had another great play session punctuated by some brushing and munching. When I prepared to leave his eyes walked me to the door one again and he seemed quite satisfied after all our activity.
2007-09-27 15:12:33 GMT