How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for September 25, 2007
Well, it was another perfect visit with my friend Baxter.  When I arrived today Baxter didn't make a big deal of it.  His Mom was still gone and I showed up yesterday. He expected that it would be me.  He is such a smart boy!  He raced me to the kitchen island for his snuggles and taste tested today's food offering.  I took your advice and opened up a new can.  He wasn't particularly fond of the flavor that he sampled yesterday, however he found today's offering more interesting.  When I go into the bathroom to scoop the litter the first thing Baxter does is nibble a little from the bowl and seems to go back to the bathroom ( his fav eatery) when he wants more.   We had another great play session punctuated with some brushing and treats.  I used the cat dancer more today as he is too intense with the laser pointer.  He looked sad when I was preparing to leave and did not escort me to the door again.  I walked back to the rug and knelt down and gave him a hug and told him that I would see him tomorrow and he watched me leave.
2007-09-26 20:23:27 GMT