How's My Kitty?
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FELIX & FIONA, Entry for September 25-26, 2007
Well Felix & Fiona are getting spoiled for a few days because I put Grama  ( my mom ) with them. They took to her right away, even little Fiona, and yesterday and today ( as I speak ) she's spent at least a couple hours with them.  Her reports are excellent and kitties are doing just great. Fiona has become obsessed with the laser pointer and apparently comes and puts a toy in her red bed in the kitchen and then looks up as if to say "Will this buy some more laser time?" :)) She'll run after that thing non stop for 20 minutes without tiring, Fritz too. Fiona is slowly coming further out into the kitchen and stealing the wand all the way from the food dishes to the bedroom over and over again and Fritz has taken to lap sitting and watching TV. Cheers!
2007-09-26 20:19:46 GMT