How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for September 25-26, 2007

9/26 The kitties were asleep when I first arrived this am, but Luke came out pretty quickly for his daily hugs and snuggles. The news of the day is that the ANTS found the food - which has been pretty common this summer everywhere. So, I moved their food and water onto the island and them got the Raid out and followed their trail all the way to the hole in the wall under the far table and gave those bad boys a spritzing. Then cleaned them all up around the rug and floor. I don't think they'll be back real soon. For now, I put the kitties food back down on the floor, but next to the diningroom table out of the way of the Raid for a day. I only used a very small amount - but I think it's best they eat elsewhere for the day.  At some point I gave Luke a nice long brush which he liked and we played with the wand as well. So we're doing just fine:)

9/25 We continue to do fine here. Luke is my best buddy and Odin is remaining a little shy and hanging out under the bed. I tried to encourage him out with the wand but no-go. He's staying put for now. I can't imagine it will last the whole time though, he's bound to need some pets soon. I know he's coming out when I'm not there because the tubes are in different spots everyday - and I doubt Luke is playing all by his lonesome. They're finishing their wet food everyday and a good share of the dry is gone as well. So they're definitely not starving;)

2007-09-26 20:12:50 GMT