How's My Kitty?
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JETTISON, Entry for September 24, 2007
Thank you SO much for the generous tip! I really appreciate it:)))) As for Jettison -- she's quite the rambuncious one. She was a little hissy for awhile, since it was our first meeting. But to work out some of the tension I got out her wands and a truckload of toys and dangled them around her scratching post. She likes it when I put the toys on top so she can grab them off. Her other favorite was the striped fish on the stretchy string. She would go after that with a vengance and then grab hold of the scratching post and practically flip herself upside down:) Then she kept a close eye on my while I tried to figure out how to change the litter box. Boy! It's not really that simple is it? We'll see if I did it right tomorrow. Anyway - I think our first meet went quite well. Jettison just needs plenty of excerise right away to work out some of that kitten energy.
2007-09-25 15:18:11 GMT