How's My Kitty?
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FELIX & FIONA, Entry for September 24, 2007
On my way to see the kitties today I picked up another laser light to see if I could entice Fiona to come out a little farther. I'm contantly running out of them because I'm always giving them away! Anyway - boy I'll tell you BOTH kitties just went wild over it. They were running and running down the hall as fast as they could to catch it. I even got to see Felix jump about half way up the wall. What a jumper! Little Fiona was still too shy to run all the way out in the livingroom, but she did come out of the hall which was great. After that, I let her "steal" the wand away from me a few times and run away with it into the bedroom which I got plenty of giggle from. Then, I sat down and watched a bit of the TV quietly to see if Fiona might come further out - and she did! She came all the way up to the couch and sat there with her head cocked to one side looking at me and maybe wondering where the light went. lol. So I gave her another chase on my way out:)
2007-09-25 15:12:33 GMT