How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for September 24, 2007
I was anxious with anticipation to see my old friend Baxter today.  Would he remember the way we were?  I found a parking space and fed the meter for two hours rather than park out front with my flashers on.  I wanted to give us all the time we needed to reestablish our bond.  I arrived at the apartment and your little angel met me at the door.  I knelt down and gave him a big hug then headed for the kitchen island.  Baxter anticipated my next move of course and jumped up on the surface and folded into the counter.  I buried my face in his belly and he grabbed my head with his front paws.  I gave him many scratchies about the head and sides and rubbed my nose through his chest. I was careful of course not to get him toooo excited. We spent some time there while he rolled about and accepted more hugs and scratchies. It was like I had never been away. Then, I moved on, Baxter in tow to prepare his food, under his close supervision including his usual taste test as I was putting the food in the bowl.  Next I was on to the bathroom to scoop the litter.  As I knelt down to begin to scoop, Baxter jumped up on the counter and began to style my hair with his front paws.  He got another snuggle for his excellent styling ability. I saved the changing of the water and the addition of dry food for last and moved on to some play.  I got out the cat dancer and a laser pointer, gathered up some bags of treats and the brushes and headed for the living room.  Baxter remembered the cat dancer and stalked it from his little tent, however he really liked the laser pointer.  He tore around the room after that little red dot and was fixated on looking for it when it disappeared.  He enjoyed treats and some brushing during his rest periods.  I finished my chores while Baxter waited on the living room rug and came back and laid down with him for a while.  He watched me prepare to leave and his eyes followed me to the door.  I told him that I loved him and would be back tomorrow and I watched him watch me close the door. (SR)
2007-09-25 15:06:24 GMT