How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for September 23, 2007
Hi there! Well the kitties are doing well. Everybody was asleep today tho when i arrived - and only Luke appeared when he heard lunch being prepared, but once I set it down he wasn't all that hungry. I think they're more active- and hungry- later on in the day or eve. I tried to get Luke to wave to the camera, but he wasn't much interested in that either:)) So I brought the play house tubes into the livingroom and got him a little interested in looking inside and swatting at the chirping wand which he seemed to like. After that I went in search of Odin and found him under the bed upstairs. He was fine - but content to stay put. Checked on the Litter Robot as well - and it was purrrfect and waiting patiently for it's next visitor. Yea! So I think I'll leave everything as is. BTW, if you're reading this, could you tell me how to get the "picture" and "sound" on the TV? When I follow your instructions, all I get is Howard Stern. I don't really want to experiment with your equipment, so any advise would be appreciated. Today, all the kitties and I could listen to was Howard discussing rectal exams.. lol. So after a bit I turned the sound off and gave Luke a little serenade on the guitar:)
2007-09-24 16:32:32 GMT