How's My Kitty?
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FELIX & FIONA, Entry for September 22, 2007
I got such a kick out of the kitties today - Felix is Mr. Sociable and little Fiona SO wants to play, I can tell, but she's still a bit timid. After eating one of the DELICIOUS pears in the fridge ( thank you! ) I sat down on the kitchen floor and got that mitt with the bells on the finger off the door knob and dangled that around for them. Felix wasn't too interested but Fiona sat transfixed - peering out from your bedroom. When i made the mitt disappear behind me, she's sneak all the way forward to about a foot away from me trying to find it, then run back. She did this about 5 times. I think she'll get more and more confident as time goes on. Felix on the other hand is just as curious and sociable as can be. He'll let me pet him, but not too long because he's always busy with something:) Both are eating well and litter boxes are normal. So we're starting off just fine here!
2007-09-23 17:21:27 GMT